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Alternative Living Solutions

Alternative living solutions is an informational book I made while researching the housing market.  While researching this topic, I found a lot of information about how the price of homes have skyrocket since the 1940s making is almost impossible for new generations to buy a home. A new movement rising in counter to this is the "tiny house movement". I found this really interesting and wanting to make an informational book talking about the benefits and problems with building tiny homes.  See what you think!

All the illustrations are original as well on Adobe Illustrator.

Traditional Book

The Tales of Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit was one of my favorite childhood storybooks (much less so now having read it again). My teacher tasked us with creating a "Traditional Book". I hand drew all the illustrations mimicking the original Uncle Remus illustrations and hand bound the book using saddle-stitch.

The Economist

This was a group project I did with Ivy Petty in Design school where we brole down the elements used in "The Economist". In the following pages we talk about the publications history, brand guidlines, grid format and page styles. 

Barn Dwelling Publication

This project was a publication version of my barn dwelling video. It is to represent the feeling of a raw rough journal but clearly communicate the feeling and emotion of my covid expereience. I wanted this project to be more image -heavy and explanatory of my written journal behind images of places. 

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