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This is a 12-part series I made in 2018. All of these pieces were done in watercolor to tie into the fluidity of how all things are tied together. The white backgrounds bring the center of attention to the inside of the figures to talk about are all intertwined into one system. I really enjoyed this series as an avid environmentalist. I hope these speak to you about the environment in regards to global warming, human impacts, and extinction. 

Paintings & Murals

Charlotte Memories Portfolio

This this a 12 piece portfolio reflecting some of favorite places from growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte was big city to grow up in but I was still able to have some select few places that made it feel small and homely that gave me a great sense of a tight community. Some of these spots include The Nature Museum close by my house, as well as a local park and my old Church. I hope you can see the beauty in these places like I found. 

Untitled_Artwork copy 1.png

Rt. 18 Farm Market

When Covid hit in 2020, I took this opportunity to work on a produce farm in West Virginia doing some farming and well as branding and painting work for them. They asked me to paint on their produce stand they take to market that would reflect their values as well as some enticing produce. This was an incredibly opportunity to be able to tune into a small farming community in rural West Virginia and be able to produce something for their farm that would be long lasting and important for their farms growth. Check out more of this branding work on my Logos and Branding page. 

For the front of their trailer, they asked me to create a produce basket of some produce they would sell at market as well as some of their meat products . 

For this mini-Mural, I was commissioned to paint a front door in Peruvian art style. The commissioner was inspired by this art style as they said they loved the bright colors and geometric shapes. They asked me for my choice on animals and I chose a chicken and another creature that can be interpreted in however you do so choose. This was such a fun project and I absolutely love 


door project

Misc. Art

Some other art projects from over the years :)

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