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Barn Dwelling

Timestamp 2:45

In this section, I recorded myself drawing one of the houses and stopped every 20 seconds to take a still shot. I tied it all together to create a stop motion affect.  The animated figure was created on procreate using stop motion techniques as well. 

This is a story telling project where I experimented with a variety of animation and videography techniques. It tells the story of a small neighborhood in the Appalachia’s that I became aquatinted with. I added some hand drawn elements as well as digital.

Timestamp 3:15

For this section, I brought the words to life by animating each individual word to appear on the screen as it was being said. I really enjoyed making this kinetic typography technique.

Timestamp 4:12

For my final animation technique, I recorded one of the residents dancing and cut them out to fit dancing across the page. This was really fun as it really brought more energy and life into the journal pages. 

Videography & Animation

This was a project I made that combines the use of kinetic typography with Loam Rangers biking video with audio from the movie Mission Impossible. The overlayed text is combining emotion from the movie into a video form to show the chaos that was happening in the movie. I really enjoyed this project and working with word emotion as it was a very interesting way to combine the two elements. 

Kinetic Typography

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